Stamped Concrete & Driveways

MRM Landscaping

MRM provide total driveway design and installation including excavation, drainage, concrete pouring, cutting, cleaning and sealing. We have all the machinery and qualified trades for total project management.

Stamped Concrete is an affordable feature for your driveway, pool deck, patios, entrance ways, courtyards and footpaths.
MRM Landscaping

Designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood.  The pattern is imprinted into freshly poured concrete to achieve the high-end look of stone, tile or brick at a fraction of the price and often less maintenance.

The process is quite simple in that the concrete is poured, with or without color. During the final process, the concrete is stamped with your chosen pattern.

To discuss your stamped driveway or paving project call Mark Menegatti on 0403 496 669 or send us an email by clicking here!