Garden Screens


Entertaining friends & family outdoors has become a feature of Melbourne living, experience your outdoor area in privacy and style.

MRM specialise in helping you maximise your space with our versatile, adaptable garden screens. Designed as privacy screens or as custom artwork there is no limit to the creativity that can be applied. Soft and hard timbers & laser cut metal garden screens are becoming very popular.
MRM Landscaping

Custom Designed Garden Screens

We combine our creativity with natural and engineered quality affordable materials, colours, plants, water & lighting to construct amazing garden screens that also act as backyard art.

Stone Screens

Harness nature’s beauty to create a feature stone screen to blend in with your property and your garden.

Tile Garden Screens

Select from an almost limitless array of colours, patterns, sizes and textures. Moisture resistant cladding provides the backing and tiles will do the rest.

Timber Screens

Custom designed in a variety of timber options; merbau screens, treated pine screens & hardwoods we create affordable, durable timber screens or privacy screens.
To find out more about garden screens please call Mark Menegatti on 0403 496 669 or send us an email by clicking here!